Medicinal Uses Of Marijuana

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Marijuana is a narcotic substance that has been banned by most of the Governments. Although marijuana has been known to mankind for more than 2000 years, it was banned only in the later part of 20th century. Not many people know that marijuana has very good medicinal uses also. Over the last few decades the lobby that advocates liberal laws on marijuana citing its benefits is growing in its voice. Many Governments are thinking on liberalizing the law on marijuana because of its beneficial uses. It is argued that smoking marijuana indiscreetly causes problems. When taken in limited quantities, it can be very effective in treating certain medical conditions. Hence the need of the hour is to allow its regulated uses.


Beneficial effect if Marijuana on Glaucoma, which is an eye disease in which the optic nerves are damaged due to increased pressure inside the eyeball, are well known. It is rare to find a marijuana doper with this medical condition. Marijuana is very effective in decreasing pressure inside the eye ball leading to ease of stress on the eye ball and consequently on the optic nerve.

Contrary to what many believe and perceive, marijuana has a positive effect on damaged caused by smoking tobacco. Smoking marijuana has opposite effect on your lungs than what smoking tobacco has. It reverses the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. According to an empirical long term study done by university of Chicago, tobacco smokers systematically lost their lung function over a period of time whereas pot smokers showed an increase in lung function over the years. Marijuana is not known only to control the carcinogenic effects of tobacco but rather it helps in controlling all sorts of cancer. Scientists are very aggressively exploring the usage of marijuana in treating cancer.

Anxiety is another medical condition in which marijuana is very effective. However, it efficacy in the case of anxiety is somewhat in controversy because many believe that it reduces anxiety by its psychotropic effects. There is another school of thought that advocates that it may not be due to psychotropic effects of marijuana. Whatever may be the actual mechanism by which it acts, the bottom line is that it helps in reducing anxiety.

For medicinal usage, marijuana is usually inhaled in vapour form. You may click here to know more about how to inhale marijuana in vapour form. You must consult your doctor before actually inhaling it.

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How To Correct Vision Problems

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Are you starting to experience more and more problems in your everyday life due to the fact that you have severe vision issues? Are you short-sighted, long-sighted or suffering from astigmatism? Is it difficult for you to complete your daily tasks while being forced to use eyewear? If you want to get this vision problem corrected and also get rid of the necessity of using eyewear, we strongly recommend you to consider the idea of having a LASIK eye surgery done. LASIK eye surgery is now the most common laser eye procedure used by surgeons to correct vision problems. This minimally invasive procedure is the options of hundreds of thousands of people who, just like you, are suffering from a severe vision problem that they want to correct. If the idea of having a surgical procedure done to correct your vision problem seems too harsh, we want you to know that 92-98% of the patients who have had this surgery done are pleased with the results. This shows just how efficient the procedure is and it also proves the fact that the risks involved with it are reduced. Since the procedure is associated with very little pain, there really are no reasons for you to completely ignore it.


Do some additional reading on the details regarding having such a procedure done. You will learn that the procedure lasts only about 15 minutes per eye and your entire eye area will be numbed, so you won’t feel anything. You will only feel some discomfort as soon as the procedure is done for a few hours and you will probably have blurred vision, a problem which will disappear by the end of the day. You won’t need stitches or bandages and the surgeon will allow you to go back to your normal activities the day after the procedure as long as you don’t spend too much time in front of a TV or in front of a computer. Consider the idea of scheduling an appointment with Dr Paul C Lee as he is one of the most renowned LASIK surgeons in the Los Angeles area. Discuss with Dr. Paul C Lee about this procedure, get answers to all your questions regarding it and find out whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. We can assure you that if you choose to have it done, you are never going to regret it.

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Drone photography has gained tremendous interest from people all over the world. Drones are robotic planes which can fly without human manning it. They are remotely controlled through electronic circuits and communications waves such as radio waves. Drones have taken the world by surprise and now find their application in multiple fields. They are very widely used in military, traffic control, surveillance and leisure photography. They even find their application in entertainment industry. We will discuss some of these applications in this article. After reading this article you may also find some innovative use for drones in your area of work.


Defence is one area which has adopted drones in a big way. Nowadays drones have grown in their use from surveillance only to attack uses. US military has been using drones for aerial attack for more than years now. According to some estimates drones have saved more than 1000 lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Drones have helped in averting a large number of terrorist attacks also. Most modern militaries of the world are using them as a means of intelligence gathering. US Navy has also confirmed use of underwater drones in attack missions. Under water drones have taken drone adoption to the next level.

Traffic controllers from all over the world have taken cue form use of drones in military and customized its use towards usage in traffic control and management. New York City traffic police uses a fleet of 6 advanced drone for managing traffic during peak morning and evening hours in critical areas. IT has helped lot in easing the pressure on city traffic movement. They essentially give prior information on traffic build up. This is a revolutionary change in usage of drones as till now they were only used in defence.

Drones have also found their use in entertainment and photography. Drone photography has gained high craze among youngsters. Some of the best flying camera drones have become very widely available on the internet. Drones are also being used in the entertainment industry as cameraman’s assistant. The film industry has become one of the biggest users of drones nowadays. Done camera photography has revolutionized the way movies are made. It has eased overhead photography so much that nowadays every film has some or other sequence of overhead photography. All these uses of drones have made drones something which should be explored for more uses.

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