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3Dr. Anna from Beleza plastic surgery is one of the most talked about surgeons in Pittsburgh. When it comes to bringing magic and transformation to the almost hopeless cases, this surgeon will prove to her client that nothing is impossible. Some people are born with body structures that make it easy for them to achieve an hourglass almost perfectly sculpted body. While there are some whose bones structure and body components do not easily permit them to. There are some of us who could eat a whole cake and not gain a pound; while there are also some who will only eat a slice of cake and feel a kilo heavier after. This is due to the unique structure of our body making each of us differ from one another. If you have noticed, some people could easily lose weight and while some are having a hard time doing so. In the case of the latter group, diet and exercise are not enough to shed the excess fats of their body. In some cases, drastic measures have to be done.


Abdominoplasty, as an example, is a modern way of losing fats in the belly area. It is a surgical procedure quite popular in the state of Pennsylvania. In fact, many clients have been very happy with the result of this procedure. To book an appointment with the best surgeon for abdominoplasty, check this url: procedures/tummy-tuck/ Dr. Anna Wooten of Beleza plastic surgery has been in the service for almost a decade already. Likewise, her training on surgical treatment prior to her practice of profession would also reach almost a decade. Indeed, if knowledge and experience are two of your main consideration when it comes to hiring a surgeon, this is the place to book an appointment with. Abdominoplasty does not only, however, cater to the problem of excess stubborn fats, it also makes sure that your skin looks as young and firm as it were. Especially for women who have gone through pregnancy, the dilemma on how to bring back the pre-pregnancy figure is hard to ponder on.


On the other hand, you need to know that there would also be visible stretch marks which would not be too pleasant to look at thus preventing some mothers to wear bikinis. How could they stay and feel young when they’re deprived of simple things like this? Considering also that diet and exercise is almost impossible to juggle when you have plenty of hats in your hands. Mommies taking care of their babies usually don’t have the luxury to go to the gym or perform some fitness workout. They could not likewise afford to cut their food consumption considering that they need these as sources of energy. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is undeniably one of the greatest things technologies and development brings to the human race. To avail of this amazing service and to book an appointment with the Beleza plastic surgery in Pittsburgh, go directly to their official page for more details:

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How To Choose The Perfect Med Spa?

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Med Spa is the latest fad that has caught the attention of health enthusiasts but do you know what a med spa is? Med spa is very similar to any ordinary spa with additional facilities for taking care of your skin and health. Every med spa has team of doctors that can not only treat your medical conditions but also help enhancing the glow and stop anti-ageing. Since med spa means is much for your skin you should choose your med spa very carefully and this article will help you in doing it.


The first thing that you need to be sure about is that whether your med spa is being run by trained therapists or not. You must be mindful of the fact that at med spas you do not simply get spa treatment but also medical treatment and hence we bet that you would not like to get it from an untrained or unqualified person. According to Novapele med spa services, who are one of the largest spa service providers in US, every therapist at a med spa needs to undergo a rigourus 12 month training program at the end of which a certificate is awarded. You can check the certificate of the therapist in order to ensure that you get the right treatment from a trained individual.

The second thing you should look for in a spa is the facilities and services offered by it. As med spas have gained popularity, a large number of med spas have opened up and they offer all kinds of services. However we recommend that unless a med spa offers end to end service you should not visit it because going to different spas for different services is not only painful but also a very costly affair. This is the reason why we recommend that before you enrol at any med spa you should give that spa a personal visit and understand all the things that it can offer.

The third and the final thing that we want to tip you on is that you should ask for reference on med spas from your family and friends. In our opinion, reference from friends and families is the best way to get an opinion on any med spa. You can also use the internet for reading reviews on med spas. There are many review websites that records inputs from actual users.

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Safety Reminders for a Thrilling Skydiving Experience

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Skydiving is the practice of jumping from an aircraft and initiating free-falling techniques or stunts before pulling out a parachute. It is categorized as one of the most dangerous and thrilling sports that men can get to experience.


For individuals planning to participate in it, there are things to know before indulging in skydiving and these are the following:

  • Learn how to sky dive.

There are many schools or agencies that are accredited to teach basic to extreme sky jumping lessons. You could also watch skydiving videos on YouTube. It is important to know every lesson concerning skydiving details, rules, procedures, and such before jumping from the sky. After the lesson, do not forget to recall and apply all the essential information that was taught before, during, and after the jump. Knowledge is one of the most important weapons of a skydiver. Make sure to take each lesson seriously to avoid problems particularly during the dive itself.

  • Check and recheck the device before jumping.

To avoid faulty errors, one must double check the jumping devices or the parachute for any problems or issues that need to be addressed before jumping. If one is not equipped to check the device, try asking experts or instructors to check the devices.

  • Follow instructions.

Unlike other sports or activities, a skydiver can’t do as he pleases because a single mistake during the jump can be extremely dangerous. Always make sure to follow every instruction given by the certified instructor regarding the jump. Safety is one of the concerns reiterated by many instructors and following instructions has never harmed anyone.

  • Expect a different environment when it comes to the drills from the actual jump.

Air pressure is different from the simulated drills that are tackled in skydiving lessons. It is important to be more aware and expect the sudden changes of pressure during the jump.

  • Conquer fear

Fear is one of the obstacles that can prevent you from executing the jump. Fear is natural, but you need to accept and outwit fear itself in order to jump off the aircraft.

  • Have fun.

The beauty of skydiving is on the fun factor; keep this in mind instead of how high the jump is. According to some experts, people who are having fun during the sky jump set aside their fears, problems, and other emotional dilemmas guaranteeing a 100 percent satisfaction rate from the jump.

  • Encourage others to jump together.

Jumping with your family, friends, or colleagues makes for an awesome and unforgettable experience. It also makes the experience even more fun.

Sky jumping is an extreme sport, and it is risky; it is not for the faint hearted. These reminders are basic precautionary measures to avoid the possible injuries and common problems during the skydiving experience.

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Distinguishing the Difference Between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

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3Cosmetic and plastic surgeons are most of the time talked about as if they were the same. These terms are usually used interchangeably. But before you choose whether to hire a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon for your specific needs, you have to learn the differences between these two medical specialists.


The plastic surgeons are the types of doctors that perform reconstructive work on their patients. They also handle aesthetic surgery. You have to understand that cosmetic surgeons are only qualified to perform the latter.


All reconstructive operations are done to restore a certain part of the face or the body that is deformed or damaged because of accidents or other incidents. They can also do the same for patients with inborn deformities. They can also do procedures to correct congenital birth defects and incidents that may be connected to accidents or traumas that the individual have suffered. Some of the reconstructive procedure that a plastic surgeon does is amputation, restoration of the functions of certain body parts, and more. These surgeries are commonly covered by health insurances because they are deemed medically needed for life and health of a person.


Cosmetic surgery, also known as aesthetic surgery is a procedure that is done to enhance or improve a certain body part or feature. It can be on any part of the body. But the most common cosmetic surgery part of the body that is touched by this surgeon is the face. It is done for facelifts, nose lifts, facial reconstruction, and more. They can even perform a procedure that can alter the features of the entire face. These operations are actually elective in nature; meaning they are not really required and no life is at risk in spite of it being done. These operations are not medically necessary.


Both types of procedures, either aesthetic or reconstructive, can do their share to improve the quality of the individual’s physical features that has the purpose of increasing his or her self-confidence, self-value, and self-esteem.


Most cosmetic doctors limit their work to performing aesthetic procedures alone. They do not handle patients injured in car accidents and fires. These cosmetic practitioners enhance regions of the body that have a normal shape to them and function normally. If a person has a certain bump on the nose that is very unsightly but the individual is able to breathe properly, this calls for the help of aesthetic medical provider. Any time a rhinoplasty or nose job is meant to make the nose look more appealing as it functions normally. This procedure is considered aesthetic and not reconstructive.


There are approximately a couple of hundred plastic surgeons that are produced at major academic medical institutions across the nation on a yearly basis. These professionals search for a residency position right out of med school. The programs they enroll in are known as independent programs or integrated programs. Once in these programs, training for both plastic surgery practices and general surgery takes place.


If you visit, you will be acquainted with an excellent surgeon that can handle all your plastic and cosmetic surgery requirements.

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